Sales Office Cleaning

Sales Office CleaningEasily as important as your show homes cleanliness is the sales office cleaning. This is the first point of contact with your customers before they even step into a show home and first impressions really do count in the new build sector. So with that in mind, the order of the office needs to be just right. Done & Dusted staff go through the following sales office cleaning task list to ensure these areas are as clean and well presented as they should be at all times.

  • Empty and clean bins, replace with new bin liners (plus at least 3 spares in the bottom of the bin)
  • Remove items from the desk and polish.
  • Sanitise phones and clean and dust the office equipment such as faxes, printers, photocopier etc.
  • Polish all surfaces including glass model if applicable.
  • Vacuum all areas including chairs and coir matting.
  • Wipe all doors and furniture including any office cupboards.
  • Ensure all displays are polished.
  • Ensure sills and architraves are wiped down.
  • Clean all internal and external windows.
  • Clean all front doors,doorsteps & thresholds.
  • Ensure blinds are kept free from dust.

Sales Office Cleaning – Toilet Area

  • Clean all sanitary ware and toilet, provide cleaner/bleach
  • Polish the taps
  • Check air freshener and replace if necessary
  • Vacuum and mop the floor
  • Provide clean towels with a Done & Dusted printed ribbon

Sales Office Cleaning – Kitchen Area

  • Empty and clean bins, replace with new bin liners (plus spares in the bottom of the bin)
  • Wash up where necessary and put away in cupboards.
  • Ensure all cupboards are wiped down and clean, along with work tops & any appliances.
  • Ensure the fridge & microwave are cleaned inside and out.
  • Shine the sink and leave a relevant cleaner.
  • Vacuum and mop the floor and buff where necessary.

Show Home CleaningOften overlooked, the options centre needs to be in good order. As part of our sales office cleaning tasks we always pay attention this area by making sure it is tidy, dusted and polished.

The above sales office cleaning task list should provide a fairly comprehensive cleaning solution. However, should you want to highlight any additional areas that need our attention, just let us know and we will be happy to look at them.

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